Mud Hero Mont St-Bruno

Il y a quelques semaines j’ai été contacté afin de représenter Columbia Sportswear lors de la course Mud Hero du Mont St-Bruno. Je me suis empressé d’accepter leur offre, et ce même si je n’avais absolument aucune expérience au niveau des courses à obstacles.

Dans la semaine qui précédait l’événement j’ai reçu une boite de Columbia Sportswear qui contenait tout l’équipement nécessaire pour la course, et même plus! Sérieusement je ne pouvais pas croire qu’il m’avait envoyé tout cette équipement.

20160621_175110 copy
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X:act nutrition! Fruit2, Fruit3 et ProKrunch

Que l’on soit un coureur sur route ou en sentier, un triathlète, un cycliste, ou n’importe quel type de sportif, une chose est universelle. On doit se nourrir afin de continuer à performer!

X:act nutrition est une compagnie Québécoise qui fabrique des produits exceptionnels. Que ce soit Fruit2, Fruit3 ou encore ProKrunch ils sont tous simplement délicieux.

C’est toujours un honneur lorsqu’une compagnie prend la décision de te supporter dans ton parcours! Merci pour votre confiance en me choisissant comme ambassadeur x:act nutrition 🙂 Et merci de me supporter dans mes défis pour l’année 2016.


Team Trakkers

Trakkers is what I call an amazing product, it is a real time GPS tracking device. An amazing tool when you go out on a training ride or run and you want your loved one to know where you are in real time. And an even more amazing tool for when you are out there racing and you want your friends and family to follow your race in real time. You can also use it to track you training and racing informations, and see them after the training/race.

If you want to see by your self here is there a link to their web site. Trakkers

For the third year now the application is up if you want to be part of there team. Here is the link to the application form

I will be trying for the third year to get into the team. Maybe 2011 will be my lucky year finally 😉

They have some amazing athletes on there team, one of them is Sonja who is heading to Kona soon. Stop by her blog and wish her luck 🙂

New sponsor

Yesterday night I had one of the best news ever in my mailbox. I received a email from Kestrel in which they said :

Thank you for submitting your resume to be considered for the 2010 Kestrel Team. The response was overwhelming as we received many worthy resumes. At this time, I am happy to announce that you have been chosen to represent the Kestrel Team in 2010! 

I was speechless, and really happy. When I decided to apply for sponsorship with them I was not really sure if I was fast enough for a company to get any kind of interest in me. And it seems that Kestrel decided to give me a chance, and for that I am thanking them.

You can be sure that I will do everything that I can to represent them the best that I can starting now.

Stop by their web site to check their new 2010 bikes, they have some really nice and fast bike for sure!

Am I worthy for a sponsor?

Today I applied for the first time since I started doing triathlon for a sponsorship. Kestrel bike opened their sponsorship program and I decided to go for it.

I thought about it for a while, I know I am not a podium finisher on every race that I do, but I sure give everything that I have at every race though. But I wondered, is this enough for a company like Kestrel, or any other for that matter to invest into me, an age grouper of 41 who is just starting in the sport. I know that I am still far from placing in every race that I do, this year I got one podium in all the races that I did so far.

But still after thinking about it I figured that I could be a good representative for a company. I spent over ten years of my career as a sales representative for different compagnies, I know a lot of people and I take part into as many races as I possibly can every year. I have also been known to talk about my bikes all the time, with everyone 😉 Most of the people that I know are now riding on a bike that has been bought at my local bike store, because I told them how good they are and how great their bikes and their service are.

I guess it will really depends what they are looking for, if they want people who place on podium race after race then I have no chance at all for sure. But on the other hand if they are looking for different kind of athletes who race hard, then maybe I will have a chance. Maybe that the fact that the bike leg is always my stronger leg will help me in the process too.

Don’t you think I’d be really fast on this bike? I have the confidence that I will be riding on a Kestrel bike next year 🙂